I was 14 years old when this story took place. After lying to my parents, my friend Elsa and I found ourselves without a place to sleep. It's a Friday night, it's 7 pm and we have no idea about how we are going to face the night.

A few phone calls to our friends, but nothing. All the parents are at home, impossible to improvise a party. The night will be long. We begin by asking for money to the passers-by. We need cigarettes, that will keep us busy. It is 9 pm, still no idea of what we could do. It’s winter and it is cold. We decide to go to the subway. We change lines, we go from one car to another, we smoke. We have not much to do but it is comfortable and we feel safe. That is not going to last, we soon remember that the subway does not remain open all night long... We will not be able to stay there indefinitely. Elsa ends up calling her brother who lives in the Parisian suburbs. He agrees to let us spend the night at his place. He will come to seek us in one hour in the woods of Boulogne. Great! Moreover, we are on the right line, we have only 25 minutes of travel. Now, we have a place, a destination. Around midnight, we go out of the subway and we wait for him. There is nobody… only cars. His brother doesn’t arrive, I do not feel very at ease, I regret the subway.

A man comes to meet us and asks us if we are in service. I do not understand. He leaves without asking for anything else. Ahh... I see. He took us for prostitutes. Of course... What can two 14 year old girls do in the middle of the night except being hookers? Then a second guy arrives, and this time he is more precise. He asks us : "How much is it? Then he adds : "I would need extra small condoms". Elsa, with a smile on her face, sends him away... I am more and more uncomfortable. I want to run away, to escape, to go home. Finally! Elsa's brother arrives. We get into his car, and it's a relief. The nightmare stops.